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Tie - Rod

Tie Rod/Flat Tie Rod

- It is one of the most important formwork accessories which enables the connection between the panels in wall-column and beam formworks and formwork installation.
- It is also called formwork tension arm.
- It can be used according to user need in various formworks.
- It is produced in different height and diameter dimensions.
- The bar diameters can be 17, 22, 24 mm.

Tie Rod Advantages

- It is easy to use and maintain.
- It strengthens the formwork.
- It saves from labor and time as it is quick to assembly and demount.
- Lifetime is long, so it can be used many times.

Tie Rod Technical Properties

Tie Rod, one of the most significant elements of its sector, is used securely with the accessories below:

- Anchor Nut (Wing Nut)
- Tie Rod Plate
- Tie Rod Pipe
- Tie Rod Pipe Head
- Tie Rod Pipe Head Stopper
- Tie Rod Conic

Tie Rod and its accessories are produced and sold in the desired dimensions and number by IŞIK SCAFFILDING AND FORMWORK COMPANY. Our company produces and sells Ø15/17mm steel tie rod. In addition, flat tie rods are produced upon request.





Execution Photos
Tie - Rod Demiri   Tie - Rod Demiri   Tie - Rod Demiri   Tie - Rod Demiri