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Rapid Clamp (Spring Clamp)

Rapid Clamp

Rapid Clamp which has different names such as Spring Clamp and Tension Jack keeps the rebars of the columns and walls aligned and at the same distance.

Its load bearing capacity is 3000Kg. It is used with 8mm and 10mm bar. Two types of machine are available for using the rapid clamps. They are used to tense the clamp and install the iron bar.

Ürünlerimiz mukavemeti artırması için ön kısımda üçgen desteğe sahiptir ve gerekli test sertifikalarına sahiptir.

Our products have a supporting triangle on the front part which increases the durability and load bearing capacity. The products have updated certificates.

Tech. Properties:

Dimensions: 70 X 105 x 3/4mm

Weight: 330 Gr

Surface Treatment: Galvanization




Execution Photos
Çiroz (Yaylı Kalıp Kilidi)