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H-24 Wooden Beam

  •  AK H20-AK H24 Wood formwork beams are the multifunctional elements in reinforced-concrete formwork systems (reinforced-concrete floor, reinforcedconcrete curtain, reinforced-concrete column etc).
  • It provides advantages by providing harmonizing facility in various reinforced concrete formwork applications.
  • Lifetime is longer when compared to conventional timber elements.
  • Production dimensions are standard.
  • It is economical when lifetime and usage fields are considered.
  • AK H20-AK H24 Timber form beams are environmentally friendly.
  • Technical specification for H20 are:
  • General characteristics
Wood: Fir / spruce
Permissible modulus M: 5,0 kNm
Permissible shearing force Q: 11,0 kN
Geometrical moment of inertia JX: 4613 cm4
Beam Weight: 5 kg/m
Beam Lengths: 2,45 / 2,90 / 3,30 / 3,60 / 3,90 / 4,50 / 4,90 m
Packaging: 50 pcs/package


Timber form beams can optionally be produced at lengths up to 490cm.


Execution Photos
H-24 Ahşap Kiriş   H-24 Ahşap Kiriş   H-24 Ahşap Kiriş