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Cup-Lock Scaffolding System
Products Cup-Lock Scaffolding System Light Duty

Light Duty(Bottom cup)

Cup-Lock Scaffolding System (Light Duty)

  • While it is used as load-bearing scaffold under floors, it is also used as working scaffold for facades and other premises and spaces.
  • So, the system which is initially used as a load-bearing system has the facility to be used for other stages till the end of the construction.
  • Cup-lock distances on the vertical elements are 100 cm and these distances can be 50 cm according to load capacity.
  •  Horizontal elements can be used on these distances according to load to be taken over.
  • The cups are connected to the props by welding.
  • On these cups, there are mobile cups which are produced as Sphero casting and to which horizontal elements connect.
  • The props (vertical elements) interlock to each other through vertical connection elements.
  • Load-bearing capacity is higher compared to other Flange Systems.
  • It provides secure and quick erection facility. Interconnection of horizontal and vertical elements is achieved easily without the need of elements such as wedge, nuts etc.
  •  Installation and demount is practical thanks to cups on the vertical elements.
  • Vertical elements are made of TSE certified standard pipes which are 48 mm in diameter and 3 mm in thickness, and horizontal elements 48 mm in diameter and 2,5 mm in thickness.
  •  In the production, TSE certified standard pipes with 48mm diameter are used.

The elements constituting the system can optionally be:

  • Painted with dipping,
  • Painted with anodic oxidation paint
  • Electro galvanized
  • Hot-dip galvanized

Note: On condition that it is paid for, the systems can be painted in desired colors.

The elements constituting the system:

  • Vertical element
  • Horizontal element
  •  Lower universal jack and jack nut
  • Connection tool for vertical elements
  • Console
  • Bearer (fixed/adjustable)
  • Metal walk board