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Facade Scaffolding

  • It can be used as a scaffold for faces and indoor activities.
  • It could be used for indoor installation, decoration and restoration (renewal) works.
  • TSE certified standard pipes with 48,3 mm diameter are used in the production.
  • Pipe Thicknesses are 3mm for vertical elements and 2,5mm for horizontal elements.
  • Four-way connection can be achieved as the flange is star type.
  • Horizontal elements are produced according to star type flange.
  •  Its erection and demount is quick and easy.
  • It can be used for different dimensions vertically and horizontally.
  •  Wedge thickness is 7mm.

The elements constituting the system can optionally be:

  • Painted with dipping,
  • Painted with anodic oxidation paint
  • Electro galvanized
  • Hot-dip galvanized

Note: On condition that it is paid for, the systems can be painted in desired colors.

The elements constituting the system:

  • Vertical element
  • Horizontal element
  • Lower universal jack and jack nut
  • Connection tool for vertical elements
  • Console
  • Metal walk board,
  • Metal ladder
  •  Base jack




Execution Photos
Cephe İş İskelesi   Cephe İş İskelesi   Cephe İş İskelesi