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Products Plywood (Ply-Board) Plywood Advantages
Advantages of Using Plywood


  •  It has high endurance capacity.
  • It is resistant to water and humidity.
  • Product dimensions are consistent and cautiously measured.
  • Its layers are plane and they are connected to one another firmly.
  • Their thickness are fixed and do not show difference.
  • Its surface is smooth.
  • It can be used for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Before every concreting, in order for the product not to be deformed and in order to increase usage cycle, concrete isolator and conservative oil are used.
  • After cleaning the residues left by the application, usage cycle can be increased.
  • Cutting for desired dimensions and shapes is possible with saws with high-speed rotation.
  • Drill machines can be used for punching a hole when needed.
  • The screw holes can be filled with special paint, paste, and filling materials.
  • It provides economy when compared to traditional wooden materials.
  • Loading, unloading, stocking, and piling can be done easily on pallets by using forklift.
  • Depending on the need and request, unloading, stocking, and piling can be done without pallets, in the form of exclusive parts.
  • It is possible to be used in the desired form and dimensions.
  • Decrement due to usage can be reduced to minimum and usage cycle can be increased by using corner and side profiles and by painting the parts that are cut with a protective paint.