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Russian Birch Plywood (Syply and Tyumen)

Dimensions, mm

1220 x 2440, 1250 x 2500

Thickness, mm

6.5, 9.0, 12.0, 15.0, 18.0, 21.0, 24.0, 27.0, 30.0

Tolerance on length (width)

+/- 2mm

Grade of face veneer

1, 1/2, 2

Number of plies

From 5 up to 21 depending on thickness

Kind of a surface

Smooth / imprinted

Surface color

Dark brown (other colours on request)

Edges processing

By waterproof acrylic paint


Birch plywood

Formaldehyde emission class

E1 (up to 8 mg per 100g of bone dry plywood)

Water resistance

WBP mark

Moisture content, max

5-12 %

Ultimate shearing strength

Not less 1.5 MPa (birch base), not less 1.0 MPa (KOMBI base)

Ultimate tensile strength

Not less 40 MPa

Ultimate creasing strength

Not less 60 MPa


DIN 68705-3, EN 13986, EN 636-3, Russian hygienic certificate (WBP only), Russian standard GOST

Every plywood package is covered with a veneer sheets and tied down with a packing metal belt.

The content of free formaldehyde corresponds to the international emission class E-1.

The plywood of Exterior kind, sanded on both sides GOST 3916.1-96, is used while producing the film faced plywood.

The assignment of the film faced plywood: buiding, encasement for monolith building manufacturing, automobile machinery-production, vanbuilding, shipbuilding, advertisment desk production and confinement production, construction works, furniture manufacturing and playground manufacturing, interior refinement.

For any information, feel free to contact with our marketing department.

Execution Photos
Rus Plywood (Syply ve Tyumen)   Rus Plywood (Syply ve Tyumen)   Rus Plywood (Syply ve Tyumen)   Rus Plywood (Syply ve Tyumen)   Rus Plywood (Syply ve Tyumen)   Rus Plywood (Syply ve Tyumen)   Rus Plywood (Syply ve Tyumen)