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Plywood Shuttering Oil

What is Plywood Shuttering Oil?


Playwood/Playwood shuttering oil is such a highly qualified concentration that it makes it easy for plywood to be seperated from the concrete. 


The shuttering oil can be used in any kind of air conditions, by spraying or using a roller.

Advantages of Plywood Shuttering Oil

  • Enables quick installation and demount of the forms.
  • Helps to clean the form more easily.
  • Kalıp maliyetinin ve isçiliğin azaltılmasını sağlar.
  • Reduces cost for forms and labor
  • Provides easy placement of the concerete in its plase and helps air bubbles out
  • Enables to get very smooth surfaces.
  • İmproves the lifecycle of the forms.
  • Provides easy application.


Execution Photos
Plywood Kalıp Yağı